50 signs you’re a travel nerd

November 2, 2011 at 11:43 am (Anything and Everything, Food for Thought, traveling)

Yeah, some of these are quite hilarious because I DO love to travel even if it requires me to refinance myself….but thank god I’m not THIS bad…yet 😉


50 signs that you could be a travel nerd.

1) You always look up the inflight movies so you can most effectively plan your flight time.

2) You have SIM cards for multiple countries.

3) Your pulse quickens when you discover you’re on a new model of airplane for the first time.

4) You can recite the rewards miles needed for any major destination on most airlines.

5) You find factual errors in travel shows, and email the corrections.

6) For your wedding you registered at a travel agency.

7) You never leave the house without diarrhea medication, just in case.

8) You know what car rental model and year you would like to use based on miles per gallon.

9) When you arrive in a new city you give your driver precise directions according to your GPS.

10) You know the tipping etiquette for more than 10 countries.

11) You refer to cities by their three letter airport code.

12) You know the frequent flyer bonus reward cycles and plan your vacations around getting double points.

13) Other tourists ask you for directions and you always know where to go because you’ve memorized the downtown map.

14) You know the area codes for most US cities.

15) You keep toilet paper in your purse at all times.

16) You are an expert in combating jet lag.

17) You follow airline union strike progress, just for fun.

18) You carry Ryanair approved luggage so you don’t incur additional fees.

19) You pick restaurants based on their participation in airline mileage programs and calculate your order to maximize points.

20) Your email is on a steady out-of-office notification.

21) You dial 9 even when at home.

22) You know which airports have free wifi and which do not.

23) You contemplate big purchases based on how many dinners in Paris they are equivalent to.

24) Noise canceling earphones are totally worth the cost.

25) You can spot which souvenirs are authentic and which are from factories in China.

26) When you are at home you still look up every location on Google Maps.

27) You have spent a small fortune on iPhone travel apps.

28) Your luggage has been lost so many times you don’t worry about it anymore.

29) You follow elections in other countries to gauge for travel viability.

30) You don’t need a currency converter you can do it in your head.

31) You visit your favorite travel bloggers and advise them on where to go next.

32) You use Skype more than a regular phone.

33) You create song lists for upcoming holidays.

34) You have programed your car stereo with the airport information station.

35) You visit a location more than once just to become its mayor on FourSquare.

36) You invest in top of the range eye-masks because you know they’re totally worth it.

37) You plan your friends and family’s vacations, just for fun.

38) You wear a pedometer to measure how many steps you have walked in a city.

39) You carry multiple wireless hotspots access cards.

40) The hardest relationship you have left was with your travel agent when you realized you knew more than them.

41) You fly so often you know when a flight attendant is new to the airline.

42) You collect beer coasters from around the world.

43) Most of your Facebook friends are not from your hometown.

44) You evaluate prospective careers based on allowable vacation time.

45) You are a rock-star in the geocaching world.

46) You are always trying to learn at least one new language for an upcoming trip.

47) You watch international news for inspiration

48) You wear flip flops in the shower.

49) You don’t need SeatGuru as you’ve memorized the best seats on every type of plane.

50) Tripbase is your home page.


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July 13, 2011 at 4:52 pm (Anything and Everything, loves and friends, traveling)

Wow, June was a month of Neglect for my blog. My bad…

So, what happened from my last post…hmm, a lot actually!

May 21st weekend:
-Shally came to visit from San Diego! Spent the day at the Santa Monica Pier
-Took John to see Yelle at The Music Box in Hollywood and introduced ourselves to French electronica/pop!

Memorial Day weekend (and then some):
-Went to O’ahu, Hawaii for a church convention/fun in the sun 🙂
-Jumped off some 30ft high rocks into the ocean. You know, the usual. (haha, NOT)
-Amazing food&drinks with amazing friends ❤
-I finally got my base tan! haha, no more ghost Cheryl

June 3rd weekend (Home Sweet Home):
-Little baby sister graduated from Mountain View High School. So proud of my little Valedictorian 😀
-Celebrated my lovely Tina’s birthday Karaoke/oldschool sleepover style
-FINALLY went to a San Francisco Giants game in SF. Oh how I had missed AT&T Park…
-Finally had Philz Coffee…and it was AMAZING 🙂
-Dinner reunion with the best Alpha Kappa Psi family 😉
-Birthday funtime in SF for Fernando’s birthday

June 11th weekend:
-Downtown LA Artwalk adventure with my coworker
-Re-experiencing the old bars from last summer with the A-Team
-Discovering new Mid-City bars with JP Duffy and friends
-THREAD shopping event downtown with the wifey

June 18th weekend:
-THE CRAZIES COME BACK TO LA to visit! The usual: eating great food, beaching it up, partying in Hollywood…oh, and all-you-can-drink brunches in  Santa Monica to keep the good times rolling

June 25th weekend:
-Free Rooney concert at El Rey theater thanks to Sam 🙂
-Dining in the Dark experience (yeah, PITCH BLACK DARK complete with servers who are blind)
-Rooftop pooling in Hollywood courtesy of John

Fourth of July weekend (Home Sweet Home):
-Nails done, hair done. Everything did. 😉
-Long walks and leisurely eating at familiar places…LOADS of family time
-Reunion dinner with old friends
-Clubbing in SF…somehow we always end up at Circa by the end of the night. Haha
-Nichi Bei Times fundraiser at the A’s game/more Family time

July 9th weekend:
-SOUTH CAROLINA ADVENTURE!! This little Asian takes on the South! haha. Literally the only Asian for miles…or cities in some cases 😛
-Myrtle Beach adventures: Beach Boardwalk/Boulevard-playing arcade games like it was 1998, Broadway shops, beaching of course, Alligator Adventure, holding guns for the first time, Confederate flags aplenty
-Charleston/Folly Beach/Mount Pleasant adventures: downtown+cute markets, Boone Hall Plantation (where parts of The Notebook was filmed), beaching, first time on a personal boat, first time driving a boat, collecting FULL sand dollars on a secluded beach <3, intertubing through the inlets, chilling on the dock while the sun sets…because my flight home was cancelled (thank you United)


Okay, this was a bit of an overshare, but given I haven’t blogged for almost two months…whatevs. I have to write it because EVERYONE who knows me knows that the pictures won’t be up for at least a couple of months…hehehe…:-D

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best nude beaches in the world

November 10, 2010 at 3:26 pm (Anything and Everything, traveling)

the part-nudist in me thought this was interesting to share 🙂  travel destinations for next summer season??

These are the top Nude Beaches in the World!

  1. Little Beach – Maui, Hawaii
  2. Wreck Beach – Vancouver, British Columbia
  3. San Onofre State Beach – Orange County, California
  4. Cap d’Agde – Vermeille Coast, France
  5. Haulover Beach – Miami, Florida
  6. etc etc

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Japan vs. US

April 27, 2010 at 4:22 am (Food for Thought, traveling)

So as you may or may not know, I just spent a couple weeks in Japan traveling the country via JR railpass and visiting family and old friends. There were a lot of things I began to notice that was…unique about Japan. Some I have known about for a long time, some were new discoveries. Japan is my second home besides the Bay Area (London is my third home), and I felt that I should share some of the Japanese customs that makes Japan different. Here we go! (in no particular order)

Things interesting/different about Japan:

  1. smoking rooms at restaurants. when you enter a restaurant, they may ask you “smoking or non-smoking?”  it’s weird to me that smoking in public restaurants is still allowed, but i guess this just comes with a strong smoking culture.
  2. Mos Burger.  It’s supposed to be the higher quality burger joint in Japan, but to foreigners who would want to go to a place called Mos Burger…it sounds like ‘moss’ and that’s nasty on something I’m supposed to eat.  Same goes for Calpis. Super yummy beverage, but to Americans it sounds like “cow piss”…who in their right mind will buy and drink something that sounds like “cow piss”? So what did the Japanese do? Renamed it to Calpico. Much better. 🙂
  3. Driving = scary. The lanes are so narrow, you question that it was even meant to be a two-way street. Not to mention that they are driving on the wrong side of the road (but that’s just me being American).
  4. They have our classic musicals like CATS!, Wicked, Lion King, etc playing in Japan…I wonder what the songs are like. Did they change these classic songs into Japanese lyrics?
  5. All of the trains are ON TIME or EARLY. Japan’s transportation system is by far the most sophisticated system I’ve EVER experienced throughout all of my many travels.  There are SO many extensive lines, yet they have progressed to immaculate accuracy.  of course, this doesn’t help me who counts on the possibility that they will wait for me (i’m always rushing to catch my train), but it does wonders for everyone else.
  6. drinking in the Yanaka cemetary… yes, people were actually sitting under cherry blossom trees and drinking beer, sake, etc with friends and having a merry ol time. a bit weird..
  7. Shinkansen and other trains are so smooth I can’t feel it moving! Sorry London Underground, i love you to death but you can be dreadful with high-pitched squealing and jerking around the tracks.
  8. motion censored flushing sounds in the bathroom. “what does that mean!?” you may ask. well, to understand this, you need to first understand how outrageously polite Japanese people are.  Women are the most extreme cases, and they can take the “women don’t poop” (sarcastic) statement to a new level. by this, i mean that there are motion censors in the bathroom stalls that create fake flushing sounds whereabouts you can drop your load without having other bathroom mates hear you drop. crazy right? but also pretty cool.  all you public pooping phobics out there, this is your savior.
  9. this is more of an observation, but there are four types of men in Japan: 1) dorky looking, 2) thug/punk,
    3) girlie looking, 4) preppy…and of this, i think it’s safe to say that 50% of them are awkward, regardless of what category they originally fall into
  10. No tipping necessary!  In Japanese culture, it’s actually RUDE to tip (so don’t do it!).  Their belief is that you should naturally be providing great service and that tips are not necessary.  This no tipping thing is actually hard because I always experience the BEST SERVICE in Japan. Everyone is so freakin’ nice, I WANT to tip!
  11. This is also another observation by my mother! “There are a lot of unattractive people in Japan, an then the decent ones overkill their beuaty with too much makeup caked on their faces!”  This really only applies to the females. Make-up is big in Japan. I could never keep up with it…but then again, I’m a simple lady 🙂
  12. Japanese tea ceremony is simply breathtaking.  We drink tea – instant tea mostly – like it’s nothing.  It doesnt phase us how beautiful the practice of tea making and tea serving actually is/was before it digressed to the small packets we place in our mugs.  We don’t appreciate the cheap kind we drink everyday to stay awake at work. I’m SO lucky to have had the chance to learn traditional Japanese tea ceremony at an official tea ceremony house (thanks Fujiko obasan!)
  13. Nicer taxi drivers: they don’t start the meter the moment you sit in the car, they ask you what temperature you want the car to be, get out of the car to greet you (the ones you call to your address), and the door automatically opens/closes for you
  14. Pour drinks for the other person.  It’s rude to pour your own drink, so be attentive of those around you and pour them their drinks!
  15. Smoking trains exist! It’s literally a big haze in there, so nasty.  Don’t make the mistake of sitting in one of these cars.  I lasted 2 minutes before I chose to ditch my seat and stand in another car.
  16. Watching tv on your cellphone.  Since I was a kid I have watched Japanese technology with such fascination.  They seemed to always be ahead of the curve in terms of cellphone technology.  And although we are slowly catching up, we are definitely not. They can stream normal TV on their cellphones!!! and this is a normal thing, not an elitest i-have-to-buy-this-crazy-phone-and-then-buy-this-box-and-app-and-pay-for-this-special-service type thing. Amazing. Get on this, Slingbox!
  17. 80 year old man on the train wearing navy blue slip on shoes that say”play well” on them.  This is just something I saw that was funny. 🙂
  18. Last but not least, HOT toilet seats and butt cleaners (bidet). My first experience with these was when I was 9, and at first i thought they were weird because the warmth of the toilet when you first sit down reminded me of a toilet that some fat person had been sitting on for hours and I just sat down after them. But when it’s cold, it’s actually quite nice and calming. haha. as for the butt cleaners, my cousin tricked me into pressing the buttons because at the time (9yrs old), I couldn’t read the japanese characters that described what was about to happen to me. SO AWKWARDLY WEIRD FEELING. i def screamed bloody murder the first time i tried it, and my cousin was just laughing her butt off in the stall next to me.  i know it’s for cleaning, but it still feels weird even when you’re all alone in the stall when you play with it. and you can adjust the pressure of the spray too! my parents now want one in our house…

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white christmas

December 18, 2009 at 10:18 pm (Food for Thought, loves and friends, traveling) (, , , )

Watching Christmas movies makes me nostalgic because, for some odd reason, they love to contain scenes from my favorite city, London.  It’s crazy to think that one year ago I was still living in London, enjoying the beauty of the Winter festivals in the parks and streets, basking in the beautiful Christmas lights and displays in the Oxford Circus shopping district, and experiencing my first corporate Christmas parties (miss you Digitas buddies!).

Anyways, I just spent an amazing week in Vail, CO with James on his Kellogg ski trip.  Stayed in a 3 bedroom condo at the Vail Cascade Resort with the funniest bunch of guys, snowboarded 3 days and skied one day on some of the best mountains in the world (although there wasn’t enough snow to open up the back bowls), and took part in theme parties reminiscent of the ones I experience during the school year (Kellogg students reliving their college days hardcore).  The scenery was so beautiful and white (AND COLD!).  While riding one of the shuttle buses from the slopes, I realized that I have never experienced a “White Christmas” before.  Being from California, and in particular the Silicon Valley, we don’t get snow!  Vail had been as cold as 0 degrees, and during my descent down the pilot announced that it was 63 degrees in the Bay Area.  And driving home from the San Jose airport, “White Christmas” by Bing Crosby came on the radio, which made think about how much I’m missing out by not having snow during Christmas time.  The holiday that I love more than my own birthday, it’s magical luster lying in the whiteness and snow that is constantly sung about and shown on TV and in movies, what am I missing out on by living somewhere that doesn’t provide the Christmas atmosphere that makes this time of year so special?

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and today is a good day

December 7, 2009 at 2:06 pm (Anything and Everything, Food for Thought, School, traveling) (, , , )

As I sit here at my desk streaming Christmas music from 96.5, I am sucking on what is the first of many candy canes this season.  Today, to say the least, carries the makings of a VERY good day.

  • it SNOWED in some parts of the Bay Area and up in the Santa Cruz mountains
  • slept in instead of abusing myself and waking up extra early to continue studying for my final
  • took my World Geography final – my ONLY final exam; should have studied the Middle East a bit more, but oh well!
  • visited the SCU Law Records Office, where I worked for 3 years of my college career. dropped off some Ferraro Roche chocolates and some Christmas cheer, gahhh i love those ladies! 🙂
  • petitioned to graduate – i can’t believe it is almost over!
  • started conniving some travels for next year! Boston? Vegas? YES PLEASE
  • will finish my LAST paper tonight while proctoring a law school final exam
  • can start packing for my Colorado ski trip adventure!!!

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November 10, 2009 at 11:23 pm (Anything and Everything, Food for Thought, traveling) (, , , )

Life can be segmented into phases. Phases that define the mood and moments we are experiencing at the time. Obsessions and cravings that come and go with time.

Tonight I put on a scarf for the first time this season to prevent the nippy weather from intruding as I walked to the Alpha Kappa Psi Kappa Pledge Class date auction (okay, it’s 57 degrees outside and I consider that nippy. What can I say, I’m a California girl born and raised).  I have a whole drawer in my closet dedicated to scarves. Yes, I really have that many of them.  From flashy neons to earthy reds and browns, I have quite the collection of scarves thanks to my scarf phase I began at the start of college.  For awhile my eyes were peeled for cute scarves at the mall and at little boutiques. Do I really NEED all of these scarves? Probably not, because Cali doesn’t really get to the point where wearing scarves is a necessity.  I have some scarves I like more than others; one of my all-time favorites is the one my friend Addi made me early on freshman year – it’s SO SOFT!  I think one of the reasons I like it so much is because I know a lot of care went into it; it’s a pretty nice scarf.

But that is not the scarf I donned tonight. No, the first scarf I picked up out of my scarf drawer was red, maroon, and orange stripped scarf I purchased in London when my British Life and Business class got an amazing tour of the magnificent Arsenal Futbol Stadium (I sat in the seat David Beckham sits in! and the head coach!).  It made me so nostalgic for the London days of one year ago when I wore scarves and gloves everyday not because I wanted to look fashionable (although, I did feel more like a Londoner doing so) but because it was so cold it was a necessity (for me, anyhow. i get cold easily, and London was COLD for me).  Someday I wish to return to London, maybe perhaps even to live there again.  Is this just another phase for me, to want to go back and relive London, or will I always be a Cali girl? Who knows.

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October reflections

October 18, 2009 at 6:08 pm (Anything and Everything, Food for Thought, loves and friends, Quotes and such, School, traveling) (, , , )

Slightly disappointed in myself for not keeping this blog up to date.  There has been a plethora of happenings since my last post, and now I can’t even document them because I have forgotten what I wanted to post!  Anywho, it’s mid-October now, and I’m wondering how time had passed so fast.  Summer “vacation” is finally over (although you cannot call it a pure vacation because I was working 40 hour weeks, going to school, and juggling a social life at the same time).  School is now back in session – actually, it is basically half over since it is the start of week 5 of 10.


The last year of college has begun, and I am having mixed feelings.  Part of me is trying to enjoy every second of it (as illustrated in my overzealous first two weeks of long nights and memorable moments, quotes, and friends).  Another part of me is just itching to get out of here, to go explore the “real world”.  Time after time my alumni friends have told me “you’re so lucky to still be in school” and I know I am.  Being in school is actually fun and relaxing.  You get to see and hang out with people your own age, get to sit and just listen to lectures for hours on end, and learn about things that actually interest you (given that you have chosen majors and minors that you enjoy, like i did – Marketing and International Business).  A lot of my friends who have recently graduated are still looking for jobs, and as I sit in school, I hope that I do not end up like that (sorry if you’re reading this unemployed buddies 😦 I’m rooting for ya!) Yet, there is a certain urge to just be out there in the workforce; to be able to go to work, put in my time, and to come home WITHOUT thinking about all of the homework that still awaits me. UGH.

This quarter could have been my last.  (I have now decided to stay one more quarter to pursue more classes that interest me but I never had the chance to take) I finished up my marketing major last Spring quarter, and now I am working towards finishing up my International Business minor (World Geography and Cross-cultural Psychology – TWO OF THE MOST INTERESTING CLASSES EVER!)  I am also taking my third religion (before my second religion course – oh the joys of going to a religious college), and taking my Capstone class (aka Senior thesis-type class that all seniors in the Business School must take to graduate).  My courses this quarter are making me very anxious to get a job OUTSIDE of NorCal, where I have prolonged my stay by 4 years already by choosing to go to Santa Clara University 15 minutes from home).  My interests that I’d love to explore are the Public Relations and Advertising/Branding industries, and the main hubs for this industry are Los Angeles, New York, and London – all places that I love (minus LA solely because of traffic).  My world geography class has strengthened my love for travel and I earnestly hope that whatever job I end up landing has some opportunities to travel.  Alas, I am still trying to work out all of my goals, and until further notice, I cannot positively say this is what I want to pursue (although I am getting closer to figuring it all out).


What I love about California the most is the weather.  I don’t think there really is any place like California.  It’s not TOO hot, although it definitely has it’s warm days (I was inside the office safe from the smoldering heat anyways :)) The fall and winters are generally dry, and if it were to rain I know EXACTLY how much rain we’re going to get and how long the rain is going to last. For example, last week we had our first severe storm.  It lasted ONE day! One, horribly wet, blustery, miserable day but still – ONE DAY. Haha.  We don’t get snow, except for in the mountains (and even then not so much), and in the winter I can still survive with just two layers – no gloves and scarves necessary like when I lived in London.   So why do I want to leave? Well, the answer simply is that everyone should.  It gives you more perspective on life outside your sunny California bubble.  Living in London for 4 months taught me that.  I want to see the world.  I haven’t forgotten that one of the top things I want to do before I die is to visit all 7 continents.  But this goes back to me getting a job after graduating from college.

Side note: yesterday (10/17 at 5:04pm) was the 20th anniversary of the Loma Prieta earthquake that shook the Bay, even collapsing the Bay Bridge.  I know many of you out-of-state’rs are deathly afraid of earthquakes, but I personally think that they are a wonderful (although serious and definitely can be scary) touch to what makes California special.


Ok, cheesy, I know.  I just watched Ghosts from Girlfriends Past, and there was one quote that really stood out to me.  This is because I have recently experienced this (maybe still am).

“Someone once told me that the power in all relationships lies with whoever cares less, and he was right. But power isn’t happiness, and I think that maybe happiness comes from caring more about people rather than less”

Alright, I think I’ll end on this note 🙂 This is a long post, but also long awaited. Til next time, you stay classy Santa Clara.

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Happy 09/09/09!

September 9, 2009 at 10:56 am (Anything and Everything, Food for Thought, loves and friends, School, traveling)

Wow, I haven’t blogged in awhile! So much has happened in the last month (I tend to keep saying this, I know…but really, a lot HAS happened!).  I don’t know where to begin!

I went on my first trip to Napa.  It was pretty awesome.  Went with James, and his cousin’s are pretty well established in Napa.  His cousin runs the Napa Opera House (we got to see Bruce Hornsby for FREE), and his cousin’s wife runs the Luna Winery.  James’ cousin got us a private tour of Mondavi, which was pretty awesome.  My third winery tour! Hehe. Drank lots of good wine that weekend, and overall had an amazing time in Napa. Good trip. 🙂

Been going to a bunch of Giants games too.  Went to the Giants vs Dodgers game with James, Mike Ford, and Shane last time the Dodgers were in town, and boy was that interesting (i talked about this in an earlier post).  Also went to a game with the homegirls (Shally, Tina, Olivia, Kimmie), and it’s always nice seeing their lovely faces 😀  Preston took me to the Giants day game on Labor Day, and that was also pretty fly.  His baby cousin is SO FREAKING cute! I want a fat asian baby just like that when I have kids. Haha.  Afterwards went shopping on Haight and bought yet another pair of shoes… hehehe…

Went to Dave and Busters with the SCU girlies (Ye Rin, Steph Ma, Jaymie, Jocey) and James, and that was a blast too! Haha, this place really makes me feel like a kid again.  I have SO many tickets in my room, it’s a bit ridic.

Gina flew down to visit me from Seattle, and I haven’t seen this girl in….what? THREE YEARS?! Holy moly, that’s a long time!  James lent us his SF home for me, G, and Jess Yano to party up in.  Spent the next day in SF, and the day after that beaching it up at the lovely Santa Cruz.

Summer school has also finally ended (good riddance!) I now know that online classes are NOT my style. Ai ya. NEVER AGAIN. I do love Professor laGuardia though.

I FINALLY bought pots, pans, tv stand, knives, PLATES + BOWLS.  I finally feel like I’m moved in completely and am finally making a home out of Safeway Apartments.  It’s basically been my home for 2 years now, but now it’s really MY home. (some of you will know what i mean by this..)

My last “official” week at Symantec is this week. 😦 Sad panda.  In the works of getting extended, but if it’s not done in time, then maybe I have next week off? Nope.  All the other interns have ended and returned to school.  It’s been lonely in that sense, but luckily my team is so freakin’ awesome and so accepting. LOVE IT!

Ok, this is a long post. I’ll end it with an explanation on WHY 09/09/09 is so darn special!


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Keeping you in the loop

August 6, 2009 at 10:25 am (traveling, Working Hard (or hardly working?), X's and O's)

So, I meant to write in here at least once a week, and I haven’t really done the best job at that. Sorry, guys.  SO, what have I been up to in the last month?

  1. Went to VEGAS with Kimmie, Tina, and Derrick. AMAZING fun omgggg, i love being 21 and a single girl in Vegas. HAHA. Eventually I’ll post some pictures…maybe. 🙂 Kimmie has most of them, so I’ll have to wait for her to send them to me.
  2. Went to Colorado to visit the one and only John Duffy!! 😀 Had an amazing time going around the area.  In a nutshell: LoDo (lower Denver), Coors Field, 16th Street Mall, Coors Brewery, sunset in Breckenridge, shopping at the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, Hoegaarden on the roof deck.
  3. Saw Wicked with Alicia, Ye Rin, Sheri, Tiff, and Tiff’s bf in SF. Just as amazing as it was in London (although, London’s acoustics were better)
  4. Wine Tasting in Santa Cruz area with Jenna and Aaron (Byington Winery and David Bruce Winery…$5 spent TOTAL = LOADS OF YUMMY WINE and crackers)
  5. Happy Hours EVERYWHERE (BJs, TGIF, Park Place, Blowfish, yada yada)
  6. Dinner dates galore 😉 Fun stuff.

I’ll end at 6 because that’s my favorite number 🙂

Things that I’ve been doing that’s not as excited as the previous 6:

  1. Summer School Session Two…taking ENGL 183 (Business writing) and TESP 23 (Church in the World)…both classes are kicking my butt. I need more discipline/TIME to do online classes. This is just ridiculous!
  2. Symantec internship (I LOVE IT HERE. awesome team, awesome boss, awesome friends. what more could i ask for? well, maybe a job after college but we’ll see about that…)

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