My Bucket List

I know I’m young and that I’m nowhere near to kicking my bucket *knock on wood*…but it doesn’t hurt to start thinking about things you want/need to do before passing on, right? Besides, some of these things I can only do when I’m YOUNG! Reason enough, I think. 🙂

[work in progress: last edited 5/19/10]

Cheryl’s Bucket List

  • travel to all seven continents
  • ride in a hot air balloon Napa Valley//Central Valley
  • go skydiving
  • scuba (or snorkel, i guess) off the Great Barrier Reef
  • give blood …one day i will weigh enough to do this
  • go to Australia/New Zealand
  • go to Africa
  • see the Northern Lights (Chena, Alaska, February 2011)
  • pet a penguin
  • get married…once
  • have a happy family of my own
  • race a random car on the highway
  • work for an Advertising agency…full-time
  • roadtrip outside of California
  • ski the Rocky Mountains
  • learn to salsa dance
  • climb to the top of a mountain (Half Dome?)
  • ride a jet ski
  • wakeboard
  • ride a snowmobile (and not because I’m hurt!)
  • go ATV’ing (@Pismo Beach!)
  • shoot a gun (not at any living thing)
  • visit all 7 Wonders of the world
  • visit all 7 NEW Wonders of the world (one down, 6 to go!)
  • see Jack Johnson in concert
  • follow through with getting a tattoo (3/11/11, RIP Ojichan)
  • run a marathon (ok, a half/part marathon would count too!)

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