Cheryl is-

My name is Cheryl. I’m a recent graduate of the Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University.  Marketing major. International Business minor.  Based in Silicon Valley my entire life, currently living in the heart of Los Angeles, I’m ready to explore the rest of the world.

Things I enjoy: smiling. laughing. talking. hugging. eating. sleeping in. drinking. good friends. photography. scrapbooking. SHOES. shopping. traveling the world. watching tv [ESPN, History Channel, Discovery Channel]. strawberries watermelon and pineapples. picnics. beaches. skittles. music mash ups.  the color orange. running. dancing. being in the nude. staying in. going out. watching movies.  writing. advertising. Golden State Warriors. San Francisco Giants. Christmas lights. being lazy. gelato. shiny objects. enjoying life to the fullest.

Academic interests: Marketing – Advertising/PR in particular.  History. Management. World Geography. Photography. Communications. International affairs. Film.

My life mantras: [work in progress]

  • Everything happens for a reason. So live a little, learn a little.
    Everything happens for a reason…so live a little, love a little, learn a LOT.
  • By making others happy, you will be happy. [by saving others, you will be saved -Tenrikyo
  • “Don’t judge a man until you’ve walked two moons in his moccasins.”  – Sharon Creech (Walk Two Moons)
  • Growing old is mandatory.  Growing up is optional.
  • Treat every day like it’s Christmas –  Be merry, make others merry.

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