… best discovery of the week BY FAR

July 21, 2011 at 2:56 pm (Anything and Everything, loves and friends, Working Hard (or hardly working?))

No joke dudes.

Don’t believe it? See below.

carmela: dont question it
playlists include “your party is our pregame, vom and rally, drunk girl anthem, dirty dance party, black out with your sack out, rolling face”
its our life story in music form
me: HAHA
dude. word, pausing Pandora for this now
: its totes worth it. trust.
: what’s your fave playlist?
of course i chose “Rage”
ohemjizz, there is a playlist called Baby Making? oy vay

carmela: dont underestimate the baby making playlist! the dub baby making is good
 baby making mixed with dubstep… luh it
  its like OH HEY TORSO my you grinding like dat at work
 me: dude, this is GREAT
  yeah i had to stop myself. realized it was getting out of hand when my chair started swiveling
 carmela: hahaha
  ya i basically lost all care after 2pm
  i let it roll
me: i mean, how else are you going to get past that 2:30 feeling. move over 5-hr energy, is taking control
carmela:  for reals

ive listened to basically all the playlists
all equally good
i fear ill never live down my frat-scination

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