July 13, 2011 at 4:52 pm (Anything and Everything, loves and friends, traveling)

Wow, June was a month of Neglect for my blog. My bad…

So, what happened from my last post…hmm, a lot actually!

May 21st weekend:
-Shally came to visit from San Diego! Spent the day at the Santa Monica Pier
-Took John to see Yelle at The Music Box in Hollywood and introduced ourselves to French electronica/pop!

Memorial Day weekend (and then some):
-Went to O’ahu, Hawaii for a church convention/fun in the sun πŸ™‚
-Jumped off some 30ft high rocks into the ocean. You know, the usual. (haha, NOT)
-Amazing food&drinks with amazing friends ❀
-I finally got my base tan! haha, no more ghost Cheryl

June 3rd weekend (Home Sweet Home):
-Little baby sister graduated from Mountain View High School. So proud of my little Valedictorian πŸ˜€
-Celebrated my lovely Tina’s birthday Karaoke/oldschool sleepover style
-FINALLY went to a San Francisco Giants game in SF. Oh how I had missed AT&T Park…
-Finally had Philz Coffee…and it was AMAZING πŸ™‚
-Dinner reunion with the best Alpha Kappa Psi family πŸ˜‰
-Birthday funtime in SF for Fernando’s birthday

June 11th weekend:
-Downtown LA Artwalk adventure with my coworker
-Re-experiencing the old bars from last summer with the A-Team
-Discovering new Mid-City bars with JP Duffy and friends
-THREAD shopping event downtown with the wifey

June 18th weekend:
-THE CRAZIES COME BACK TO LA to visit! The usual: eating great food, beaching it up, partying in Hollywood…oh, and all-you-can-drink brunches inΒ  Santa Monica to keep the good times rolling

June 25th weekend:
-Free Rooney concert at El Rey theater thanks to Sam πŸ™‚
-Dining in the Dark experience (yeah, PITCH BLACK DARK complete with servers who are blind)
-Rooftop pooling in Hollywood courtesy of John

Fourth of July weekend (Home Sweet Home):
-Nails done, hair done. Everything did. πŸ˜‰
-Long walks and leisurely eating at familiar places…LOADS of family time
-Reunion dinner with old friends
-Clubbing in SF…somehow we always end up at Circa by the end of the night. Haha
-Nichi Bei Times fundraiser at the A’s game/more Family time

July 9th weekend:
-SOUTH CAROLINA ADVENTURE!! This little Asian takes on the South! haha. Literally the only Asian for miles…or cities in some cases πŸ˜›
-Myrtle Beach adventures: Beach Boardwalk/Boulevard-playing arcade games like it was 1998, Broadway shops, beaching of course, Alligator Adventure, holding guns for the first time, Confederate flags aplenty
-Charleston/Folly Beach/Mount Pleasant adventures: downtown+cute markets, Boone Hall Plantation (where parts of The Notebook was filmed), beaching, first time on a personal boat, first time driving a boat, collecting FULL sand dollars on a secluded beach <3, intertubing through the inlets, chilling on the dock while the sun sets…because my flight home was cancelled (thank you United)


Okay, this was a bit of an overshare, but given I haven’t blogged for almost two months…whatevs. I have to write it because EVERYONE who knows me knows that the pictures won’t be up for at least a couple of months…hehehe…:-D

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