In the world of Willy Wonka

December 10, 2010 at 3:46 pm (Advertising, Food for Thought, Working Hard (or hardly working?))

While using the bathroom today, I began thinking that whoever created toilet seat covers was a pure hygienic genius!  How disgusting would it be to live in a world where you had to choose between pop-a-squatting or putting your ass on a seat where hundreds of other disgusting, dirty butts have sat/smeared on.  And we GIRLS all know that the pop-a-squat method most commonly practiced at clubs and bars (out of drunkenness or impatience) only leads to splattered toilet seats (let’s be real) which some sad soul will eventually and unfortunately sit upon.

Anyhow, that then got me thinking about how awesome it would be to work at a Patents office, where the imaginative minds of entrepreneurs (of sorts) come to patent their inventive ideas.  That would be like living in the world of Willy Wonka, what with the gadgets and gizmos to accomplish the oddest jobs more “efficiently”.  I can’t fathom that your life would be uninteresting – your mind is stimulated by new fascinating ideas and products everyday!

I really wish my agency had an in-house creative team.  I miss their crazy cuckoo minds with their interesting choices of dress, music, colors. Maybe at my next job…


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