You are What You Watch

November 4, 2010 at 5:34 pm (Advertising, Anything and Everything, Food for Thought)

So in my daily routine of perusing AdAge, I came across this article that I thought was kind of interesting.

Take-away quote: “Your personality determines what you consume, what TV shows you watch, what products you buy, and all the other decisions you make — political choices, for example,” said Mindset Media CEO Jim Meyer. “We didn’t invent psychographics or personality traits — they are really the things that separate buyer groups where demographics fail.”

I would like to think that I watch the shows I watch because it reflects my personality and interests, not that I become someone through the shows I watch…

According to this, I am:

  • Creative, emotionally sensitive, intellectually curious; a dreamer rather than a realist (Mad Men)
  • Rule breaker, rebel, open to new challenges, accepting of others, easy to get along with (Family Guy)
  • Experimentalist: go out in search of unique and varied experiences, in touch with their own feelings and may even feel happiness or sadness more intensely than others (Glee)
  • Prefer to be in charge, directing others rather than being directed (The Office)

Hmm, pretty accurate, I guess. 🙂


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