To Mister St. Valentines…

February 15, 2010 at 12:00 am (loves and friends, X's and O's) (, )

To Mister St. Valentines:

You have given us a day to reflect, remember, and…spend money on!

Most of us just call it Valentine’s Day, while the more unattached tend to refer it as Single’s Awareness Day (SAD).  Some of us refer to this day as a capitalistic attempt to find reasons to celebrate and spend money on others (men especially), and the blame for this capitalism lands on Hallmark.

This day was created for couples.  It tests the cleverness and tastes of the men of the relationships, not to mention their budgets.  Girls, while we may say we don’t want or need anything secretly still hope they get something.  Flowers, chocolates, and/or stuffed animals can usually solve this anxiety (hehe, diamonds solve all). We are so simple sometimes.

Do you remember back in elementary school when you made valentine’s mailboxes for the valentine’s your classmates would write and put inside that box.  And remember how fun it was to go to the store to select your own “branded” valentines cards to give out.  You could simply sign your name on the card and give it out (maybe with a small candy taped on if you felt like going all out), but this was also the best chance to let that secret crush know that you cared more then they knew you did.  Oh, the innocent days of younger Valentine’s Days past.

Well, whatever you decide to make of this day, I think the best thing to do is to remember to think of those you love and who love you, whether that be spouses, significant others, or even just friends.

On that note, this post is dedicated to my parents, who are celebrating their 30th Valentine’s day together.  It’s remarkable to think of how long these two have been devoted to each other. Both being under 50, they’ve spent over 60% of their lives TOGETHER. Now that is impressive and surely something to aspire to have. I love you two.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

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