and today is a good day

December 7, 2009 at 2:06 pm (Anything and Everything, Food for Thought, School, traveling) (, , , )

As I sit here at my desk streaming Christmas music from 96.5, I am sucking on what is the first of many candy canes this season.  Today, to say the least, carries the makings of a VERY good day.

  • it SNOWED in some parts of the Bay Area and up in the Santa Cruz mountains
  • slept in instead of abusing myself and waking up extra early to continue studying for my final
  • took my World Geography final – my ONLY final exam; should have studied the Middle East a bit more, but oh well!
  • visited the SCU Law Records Office, where I worked for 3 years of my college career. dropped off some Ferraro Roche chocolates and some Christmas cheer, gahhh i love those ladies! 🙂
  • petitioned to graduate – i can’t believe it is almost over!
  • started conniving some travels for next year! Boston? Vegas? YES PLEASE
  • will finish my LAST paper tonight while proctoring a law school final exam
  • can start packing for my Colorado ski trip adventure!!!

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