new technology stumping the ‘rents

December 2, 2009 at 6:53 pm (Anything and Everything) (, , )

Sorry to exploit you Mommy, but you provide the BEST humor. I love you!

SO, my mother just bought an iPhone, her first smartphone to say the least.  She didn’t get the phone because she actually uses the phone a lot, but mainly because of ONE iPHONE APP: Shazam.  Shazam, if you do not know, is a free app that can listen to any song for 20 or so seconds, analyze it, and tell you WHAT song it is, WHO sang it, and on WHICH cd it was on. You can also look up the biography of the artist(s) and their discography.  Anyways, back to my funny story.  So I just taught my mom how to use the t9 function on her cellphone a year back, which helped her send texts faster than typing multiple times to get to each letter (seriously, who texts that way anymore?!).  That in itself was a strenuous coaching lesson, but she soon got the hang of it.  That phone had keys.  The iPhone does not.  Now, I don’t know what it is about touchscreens, but they are just SO FREAKIN’ HARD to get the hang of.  Even after owning an iPhone of my own for over 4 months, I still have difficulties typing out texts and emails without having to go back and edit spelling errors due to touchscreen difficulties. Poor Mommy.  It’s even harder for her.

The following is a recent skype convo with her:

[6:34:54 PM] mommy: hey how do you type fast with iphone?
[6:35:05 PM] mommy: It’s not very smart.
[6:35:21 PM] Cheryl: iphone isnt smart? the auto correct saves my life
[6:35:45 PM] Cheryl: haha, otherwise i would sound drunk 200% of the time because its so hard to text on that thing and i always have typos
[6:38:36 PM] mommy: The auto correct is AWFUL.  So, I was texting Dad, trying to tell him that it’s the 4th qtr (basketball), and it changed “qtr” to “WTF” for me automatically!  So, I was thinking, “Hey, WTF?!?!”

i literally laughed out loud in the middle of proctoring a law school final exam.

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