Happy 09/09/09!

September 9, 2009 at 10:56 am (Anything and Everything, Food for Thought, loves and friends, School, traveling)

Wow, I haven’t blogged in awhile! So much has happened in the last month (I tend to keep saying this, I know…but really, a lot HAS happened!).  I don’t know where to begin!

I went on my first trip to Napa.  It was pretty awesome.  Went with James, and his cousin’s are pretty well established in Napa.  His cousin runs the Napa Opera House (we got to see Bruce Hornsby for FREE), and his cousin’s wife runs the Luna Winery.  James’ cousin got us a private tour of Mondavi, which was pretty awesome.  My third winery tour! Hehe. Drank lots of good wine that weekend, and overall had an amazing time in Napa. Good trip. 🙂

Been going to a bunch of Giants games too.  Went to the Giants vs Dodgers game with James, Mike Ford, and Shane last time the Dodgers were in town, and boy was that interesting (i talked about this in an earlier post).  Also went to a game with the homegirls (Shally, Tina, Olivia, Kimmie), and it’s always nice seeing their lovely faces 😀  Preston took me to the Giants day game on Labor Day, and that was also pretty fly.  His baby cousin is SO FREAKING cute! I want a fat asian baby just like that when I have kids. Haha.  Afterwards went shopping on Haight and bought yet another pair of shoes… hehehe…

Went to Dave and Busters with the SCU girlies (Ye Rin, Steph Ma, Jaymie, Jocey) and James, and that was a blast too! Haha, this place really makes me feel like a kid again.  I have SO many tickets in my room, it’s a bit ridic.

Gina flew down to visit me from Seattle, and I haven’t seen this girl in….what? THREE YEARS?! Holy moly, that’s a long time!  James lent us his SF home for me, G, and Jess Yano to party up in.  Spent the next day in SF, and the day after that beaching it up at the lovely Santa Cruz.

Summer school has also finally ended (good riddance!) I now know that online classes are NOT my style. Ai ya. NEVER AGAIN. I do love Professor laGuardia though.

I FINALLY bought pots, pans, tv stand, knives, PLATES + BOWLS.  I finally feel like I’m moved in completely and am finally making a home out of Safeway Apartments.  It’s basically been my home for 2 years now, but now it’s really MY home. (some of you will know what i mean by this..)

My last “official” week at Symantec is this week. 😦 Sad panda.  In the works of getting extended, but if it’s not done in time, then maybe I have next week off? Nope.  All the other interns have ended and returned to school.  It’s been lonely in that sense, but luckily my team is so freakin’ awesome and so accepting. LOVE IT!

Ok, this is a long post. I’ll end it with an explanation on WHY 09/09/09 is so darn special!



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