Keeping you in the loop

August 6, 2009 at 10:25 am (traveling, Working Hard (or hardly working?), X's and O's)

So, I meant to write in here at least once a week, and I haven’t really done the best job at that. Sorry, guys.  SO, what have I been up to in the last month?

  1. Went to VEGAS with Kimmie, Tina, and Derrick. AMAZING fun omgggg, i love being 21 and a single girl in Vegas. HAHA. Eventually I’ll post some pictures…maybe. 🙂 Kimmie has most of them, so I’ll have to wait for her to send them to me.
  2. Went to Colorado to visit the one and only John Duffy!! 😀 Had an amazing time going around the area.  In a nutshell: LoDo (lower Denver), Coors Field, 16th Street Mall, Coors Brewery, sunset in Breckenridge, shopping at the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, Hoegaarden on the roof deck.
  3. Saw Wicked with Alicia, Ye Rin, Sheri, Tiff, and Tiff’s bf in SF. Just as amazing as it was in London (although, London’s acoustics were better)
  4. Wine Tasting in Santa Cruz area with Jenna and Aaron (Byington Winery and David Bruce Winery…$5 spent TOTAL = LOADS OF YUMMY WINE and crackers)
  5. Happy Hours EVERYWHERE (BJs, TGIF, Park Place, Blowfish, yada yada)
  6. Dinner dates galore 😉 Fun stuff.

I’ll end at 6 because that’s my favorite number 🙂

Things that I’ve been doing that’s not as excited as the previous 6:

  1. Summer School Session Two…taking ENGL 183 (Business writing) and TESP 23 (Church in the World)…both classes are kicking my butt. I need more discipline/TIME to do online classes. This is just ridiculous!
  2. Symantec internship (I LOVE IT HERE. awesome team, awesome boss, awesome friends. what more could i ask for? well, maybe a job after college but we’ll see about that…)

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