June 25, 2009 at 12:43 am (loves and friends, traveling, Working Hard (or hardly working?))

So I started my internship this week. Yippee, work. Haha, I actually was really enjoying just cruisin’ it in the Bay.  Oh, how awesome it could be to just DO NOTHING over summer vacation just like the good ol days.  Now if I did that and didn’t even bother to look for something proactive to do, I’d feel like a lazy worthless piece of sh*t. Sorry for my language.

Anywho, it actually hasn’t been too bad so far. Day 1 I didn’t get a chance to do much work-related activities because my laptop hadn’t been fully set up yet.  I spent the day walking around getting tours of all of the buildings and floors (we have a gym in my building that I get access to!) and just meeting new people (and I probably don’t remember ANY of their names…maybe I’ll get their faces if I’m lucky too. Haha). Conclusion? There are so many nice people here!  Everyone was stopping by and saying hi to me and chit-chatting with me.   This could be because I wrote on my whiteboard-wall-of-a-cubicle: “I’m new here…Please say hi! :)”  Who knows, but I like it here already!  I hope the work isn’t too bad..

Day 2 and 3 I spent at this Presentation Planning Workshop thing taught by Mandel Communications, which was basically a class on public speaking.  I’ve always thought that I’m a decent public speaker, but OMG I learned that there is still SO much more for me to improve on.  I hate watching myself on video and being critiqued by a room full of strangers, but in the end I actually really liked all of the exercises we did.  Free lunches too! Haha, I’m such a sucker for anything’s the Asian in me?

Day 4 (tomorrow) is Intern Kickoff Lunch, which I’m actually excited for (nerdy, I know). I can finally meet other interns, and maybe even more people around my age (not that I don’t like people not my age or anything :))  I should be all setup with my laptop too, so now I can finally figure out what I’m going to be doing all summer! The real work begins…

[[I just bought my plane tickets to Colorado! YAYYYY I get to chillax with my homeboy, John Duffy!!!]]

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