tipping point + darn good day

June 11, 2009 at 8:07 pm (Food for Thought, loves and friends, School, X's and O's)

You know when you’re doing something that you know you shouldn’t be doing… but you do it anyways because it feels really good to do?  It takes that one tipping point to push you over the edge; to make you realize that you REALLY shouldn’t be doing it anymore.  That you’re much better than this.  I hit my tipping point.

But beside that, today has been such a DARN good day.  It started off with the tipping point, me realizing that I am so much better than I thought I was and that I deserved much more than I was settling for.  Next came a wonderful phone call telling me that I had gotten my marketing intership at Symantec this summer.  Good pay, good job. I’m still livid with excitement. And then, I took my last final exam of Junior year.  I am officially a senior!  I have one more real quarter left before I’m done with college forever.

These past few days I’ve been hanging out with some of my favorite seniors here at SCU, and life has in general been so surreal.  I am having a blast, and I just don’t want it to end.  Cheers to good times, good people, good memories. Cheers to the summer!


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