bittersweet endings

June 7, 2009 at 11:23 pm (Food for Thought, loves and friends, School)

Tonight was the Alpha Kappa Psi End of the Year Banquet. It also symbolized a turning point in my life – it was my first real awakening to the idea that all of the seniors were leaving and I was about to embark on my last year of college.

To my AKPsi Seniors:

THANK YOU.  Words don’t do justice to how you make me feel. How you’ve changed me, made me who I am today.  I came to college direction-less, unsure of who I was going to become or what I wanted to do with myself.  It was Alpha Kappa Psi that reached out to me first, through my Busn 70 class, and I cannot even begin to think of where or who I would be if I hadn’t decided to rush, pledge, cross.  You quickly embraced me, nurtured me, and gave me a sense of belonging – even nicknamed me and my girls the “freshmen sh*tshow” back in the day :).  Through the years, I’ve grown with you guys always by my side.  We formed a connection, a brotherhood, that I’ve leaned on countless times.  Each and every one of you mean something special to me, and there is nothing that will ever take that away from us.  I care about you SO much, that it brings me to tears to think about how it will be without you near me.  It is a bittersweet ending. As all 26 of you begin your journey into the “real world”, I am wishing I could join you.  You all have such bright futures ahead of you, and as my family for life, I do hope that we can find ways to keep in touch.  I will always cherish our memories together. Don’t think I’ll be forgetting you anytime soon. Don’t forget me either.


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