Karma feels nice

June 2, 2009 at 8:15 pm (Food for Thought, loves and friends)

One my my personal mantras is “Everything happens for a reason. So live a little, learn a little.” My life has been a whirlwind of events and emotions this quarter, but through it all I think I diligently worked towards keeping myself grounded and focused on what I really needed to accomplish.   I made myself a strong-minded individual through perseverance and commitment to not let anyone or anything take control of my life.  Not to mention, I continuously talked to myself like a crazy person and habitually made lists and letters to myself as constant reminders to stay on track.  I’m not cookoo, I swear!

I’ve also been consciously striving to be a better person towards others.  Patience is always a skill I can improve on, but I’ve also added openness to my list of attributes I want to exhibit.  I have spent this quarter trying to be more open-minded about people and events in my life, trying not to jump to conclusions as fast as I used to.  I am more reflective, calmer even.  This has made my conscience more thoughtful and collective, and it really feels good to be more carefree yet not hasty.

It wouldn’t be fair to pinpoint my progression on one event that changed my life this quarter. Rather, I believe that it was a collective effort from the people entering and leaving my life at this specific time in my life.

And right now, in the midst of projects and preparation for the upcoming finals, I feel like karma is revisiting me.  Everything feels like it is finally falling into place.  Where I wanted to find it all along.  Patience, Cheryl, is a virtue.



  1. kristie said,

    i’m confused. what is this? like a blog? and how is this connected with twitter???

  2. cheryltaguma said,

    this IS a blog, and I have a widget that lets me track my Twitter feed on my blog as well. Cool, huh.

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