“finding god through pleasure”

May 26, 2009 at 12:41 am (Food for Thought)

Road trips always provide the best stories.  Road trips on your own are also funny because you are free to be naked, free to put your feet up on the dashboard while driving, free to scream lyrics at the top of your lungs, free to dance like a hip-hop rapper in your seat, free to shove food in your face without feeling self-conscious, free to laugh, free to cry… not like I did ANY of this, just saying you could..

So I was maybe 1 hour on my way to LA when my favorite music stations started cutting out and becoming static nothingness.  Being the lazy person I am, I didn’t feel like reaching for my iPod and plugging it into my car thingy.  Instead I actively started scanning the radio for things to listen to.  It’s amazing how the rest of California listens to the radio.  The plethora of Christian music stations, Christian talk shows, and Latino music stations blew me away – I am unaccustomed to coming across so many of them since there aren’t as many in my area/I don’t listen to any of them.  Anyhow, so I found myself listening to this Christian talk show.  The topic of the show was Finding Pleasure Through God.  I’m not a Christian, but going to a Jesuit University has taught me some things along the way.  It was interesting to hear some people’s take on sex with their spouses as a guilt-trip and path away from God’s holiness.  This guilt also applied to spa trips that her husband gave to her.  The doctor/host explained that providing pleasure for your spouse is good and not un-holy because a) you’re already married and devoted to each other, and b) through the pleasure they become happier and better husbands/wives/fathers/mothers.  I found myself listening and reflecting on their perspectives for nearly an hour.  Long road trips make me very reflective and open-minded.  You have lots of time to think with no real interruptions.  I like that.


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