Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise

May 18, 2009 at 10:52 am (Food for Thought, Quotes and such) (, , )

Benjamin Franklin wrote this idiom in his collection of periodicals, Poor Richard’s Almanack.  Now, there is some wisdom behind it, because people who go to sleep and wake up early have a headstart to get work done before all the normal civilians who choose not to wake up in the wee hours of the day.  Personally, I think waking up super early on a daily basis is torture. Maybe because I’ve never quite been a morning person.  Even when I had 0 period P.E. class in high school at 7am in the morning, my body clock never really adjusted to that insanity.  For my current 8am Operations and  Management class MWF, I can wake up and drag myself to class most days…but if I had the choice, would I do it to myself? Probably not.

My mom has always preached that the “early bird always catches the worm”.  This coming from a woman who never sleeps makes the statement slightly skewed.  Does a person who always goes to sleep early even have fun? Are they really wise, or are they just antisocial? There are so many life experiences that happen AT NIGHT, and if you cut that out, are you really being healthy, wealthy, and wise?  I guess it depends on which knowlegde bank you’re recognizing. I am sure that people who don’t go to bed early can still acquire the same amount of academic knowledge that a person who does go to bed early can.  They also get social knowledge too. Street knowledge.  So with that being said, if the early bird catches the worm then that birdie can have that worm.  I think I will stick to my current lifestlye of balancing my social and work life, making sure I can gain as much knowledge as I can while I can gain it.  The worst part of life is being 40 years old and looking back and wishing I had gone out and done the things I wanted to do when I was younger. So have my worm, early birds. I’m getting healthy, wealthy, and wise my OWN semi-nocturnal way!

The early bird always catches the worm

The early bird always catches the worm


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